Like it or not we live in a society that assesses  people based on the way they present themselves. Being presentable is one of the most important factors for an every individual despite the place, the occasion and the gender. Looking presentable is neither a piece of cake, nor a rocket science. It is an art and you can learn it.

1. Basic Appearance

Sometimes, how you carry yourself makes the major difference. It’s good to look one’s best in work place, where one deals with the public. Try to dress up according to an occasion. For example: If you are going for an official meeting, you need to choose a formal outfit with not so loud make up but the case is opposite if you are going for a party.

Secondly, just because you want to look best, don’t lose your comfort. For example: If you are not comfortable with wearing high heels, no need to wear it. Because if you are not comfortable, you won’t look confident and hence, you won’t look presentable.

“Your comfort, confidence and substance that you deliver speaks a lot about you”

So, try to be the best version of you.

2. Baby Steps

Taking small baby steps with consistent efforts is the most prominent way to achieve your goal. Don’t jump overboard to last step and expect positive results in a day. Trust me, you will fail if you do so. In one day, you can’t change everything completely. So, try to focus on sub goals first and take baby steps to fulfill them for reaching higher.

For example: If you want to become a great leader and renowned public speaker, do you think you can do it in a month? No, you can’t. You need to take so many baby steps to make yourself touch that level.

3. Influenced v/s Inspired

It may seem like a subtle distinction, but the world of being influenced and being inspired are millions of miles apart. In today’s scenario, people will influence you more rather than inspiring you. But don’t become docile this way. Don’t lose your originality by letting others thoughts influencing yours completely.If you want people to remember you, you need to a carry unique identity with your own thoughts.

Taking an inspiration from someone is good but losing your originality and getting influenced by others is not right.

4. Anti Campaign-

Many studies have shown that people care more about the threat of bad things than they do about the prospect of good things. So, in today’s scenario anti-campaign is trending to hold people’s attention.

For example: The book burning campaign that saved a public library. Click here to read further:

5. Make a bigger impact by saying less and expressing more:

People don’t have time to listen to your prolix speeches or writings. They are inundated with information, and their brains have reached a saturation point. If you want to get someone’s attention, you must be brief. So, try to express without blathering and keep it short.

6. Learn from your failures:

Failures are the biggest source of learning. It’s not easy to figure out learning from it. But if you can extract “teachable moments” from your failures, this attitude would help you a lot in your life.

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