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About Aadi Gurudas

A BIT-Mesra Graduate, Aadi Gurudas is a Seeker, Mind Study Enthusiast and a Life Coach.
He is practicing NLP, hypnotherapy and Coaching techniques on his clients for almost 10 years. With an experience of 1000+ Life Skills programs and 500+ YouTube videos, he has helped hundreds of people in their transformational journey.
He has read, summarized, translated, recorded 365+ book summaries in Hindi.

His organization Lifeshiksha and NGO-Udaan are presently working in 6 countries and 16 cities in India. He loves reading self-help books and to do discussions on life.

Additional pointers

  • Have conducted International sessions in India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Have clients in 15+ Countries
  • Known for his well-researched and practical solutions
  • Have served more than 60 corporate houses
  • Have read 2000+ books
  • Addressed over 100 thousand people during his public seminars